Thursday, November 30, 2017

BRAMBLES: Taste This!

Austria's 'Heurigen' culture invites a celebration by the glass
A discovery in a glass awaits! Hundreds of wine tasting rooms dot the bucolic landscape here in North Coast wine country, and thousands more nationally, all offering the opportunity to find something pleasing and inspiring presented in the glass.  In spite of the hospitable invitation, a common reaction may be, "why should I visit a rich guy place to pay inflated prices for a widely available wine?"  Fact is, that most of the wineries are small producers(comparatively), looking for the precious opportunity to introduce the uniqueness of their quality brand. The big guys dominate the marketplace and distribution, so little guys need to get creative to gain fans of their wines. Locally, by now you have probably heard or read of the devastating wild fires that enveloped the North Bay's Wine Country in October of 2017, so now especially it is an opportunity to aid their recovery and entrepreneurial development along with our own delicious discoveries. Perhaps unlike ever before, it is a wonderful time to 'taste this'!

Fact is, there is sensual pleasure directly associated with a wine tasting experience.  That joy of anticipation, the lifting of the spirit as you approach the pristine setting, and the excitement of discovery are only the beginning.  Once inside, be it a mysterious cave or a patio with an inspiring view, or a neat interior that gets your design juices flowing, the variety and types of tasting experience can be varied and as comfortable a fit as our unique sense of style.  There are stand at the bar community tastings, sit-ins at the casual comfort of a salon with new friends, or the ritzy upscale private tasting to temp our tastes.  Each has its own attributes, but all aspire for the same result: to create a new fan, an ambassador for their brand, whether it be from the few bottles you take away or the unique wine club you can adopt.  Many times, the selections offered at these smaller venues can be found in scarse other places, offering the buyer the bragging rights of 'exclusivity'.
Tasting in moderation is a sensual social activity
Each experience gives the taster inside information, a chance to talk with someone in the know to get the selections story.  That makes it a personal connection.  Because we taste subjectively(our own taste preferences), we can be influenced by what others say about the wine, or how the wine is presented(try to avoid places that tell you what you will taste), or even the heavy perfume carried by another guest.  Our unique palates with all those individual taste memories can also be effected by spicy jalapenos or that yeasty beer from lunch.  After all, it is an exploration, a personal discovery of what we like and don't like, enhanced by being in a cheerfully social situation.  We are at the same time challenged by our nature by not wanting to be the one in the group that does not like something. Tastings present the opportunity to fall in love with something new, and the special memory it carries when that same wine is enjoyed at home or with friends.  It simply makes emotional sense to try and get the most for ourselves from such a personal adventure of discovery that can be shared, and then repeated as often as possible.  Up lifting and jovial, wine tastings are intended to be a sensual pleasure, for the eyes and nose and palate that can also educate the affable consumer.
Discovery in a glass is social and educational
Of course alcohol repetition has its disadvantages too.  The taste buds tire, individual selection memories get foggy, and that impaired driving can really change your life.  It then makes sense to limit tasting venues, employ the convenient spit buckets, drink water as well, and use a friendly designated driver where possible.  In reality, tasters need a plan for their discovery.  Throughout the calendar there are numerous regional wine country events that help organize your outing and provide a special social reason to indulge, like the upcoming WineRoad's, Winter Wineland or Sebastopol's, 'Meet the Makers Tours at the Barlow'. These special events invite us to get out and meet new friends, enjoy the festive community atmosphere generated in the many inspiring venues, and ultimately, to indulge in the socially-personal discovery of 'taste this'.

Raising a glass: Prost and Salute!