Monday, October 17, 2016

Post Harvest Sonnet

Late season bush vines of Roussillon

Yellowing leaves increasingly blanket
rolling parade grounds without its sweet fruit,
Crimson peppers in scatter break monotony
across many broad Sonoman vineyards.

Autumn in Beaujolais
Clear, crisp skies present starling swarms that cut
swirl sounds over a field settling to rest,
Green pigments absorb no more of its sun,
their cycle evolved as days now grow short.

Post Harvest in Burgundy
Phenolic compounds and sugars matured,
make the seasons wines that we must now vend.
Toil with sweat chase the last rays of autumn sun,
create the circle that I gladly drink!

Raise your glass then to celebrate harvest;
toil now rests in rays of soft fading light.

Cheers & Salute'!
Autumn in hills of Langhe,

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